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Vladimir Putin

Russian leader Vladimir Putin was born in 1952 in St. Petersburg (then referred to as Leningrad). After graduating from Leningrad State Faculty, Putin started the career of his in the KGB as an intelligence officer in 1975. Putin rose to the best ranks of the Russian federal government after enrolling in President Boris Yeltsin’s administration in 1998, being prime minister in 1999 before taking over as president. Putin was once again appointed Russian prime minister in 2008, as well as retained the hold of his on power by generating reelection to the presidency in 2012.

The Welfare State in Europe

The “Welfare State” refers to the set of interventions organised by the state that are targeted for guaranteeing the provision of a least amount of expert services to the population by a method of social safety. The beginnings of this particular method of social safety may be traced back again to the conclusion of the 19th century in the Germany of Chancellor Bismarck. Nevertheless, this program just became generalized in Europe following World War II.

A Proposed Apology For You, Steven Smith and David Warner

Presuming Steven Smith and David Warner, as captain and vice-captain respectively, are those who are solely accountable for cheating, apart from Cameron Bancroft, this is a model apology they could make. This is using the PeaceWise Seven ‘A’ Apology.

The Multipolar World Economy

The global economy currently is undergoing a great transformation in terms of economic structure, power, and influence. The economies that have been commonly called ” emerging markets” appear to have finally emerged and are coming into their own in terms of their contributions to global economic and financial activity. The international corporate and landscape and even the shape of the international financial system as they redefine the international economy has become even more important to grasp with this phenomenon engenders, both for the major developing economies at the forefront of this change, as well as for those especially the least developed economies that remain at the periphery. The phenomenon of shifting growth drivers is not a new one, at least from the perspective of global economic history.

People Who Are Making Pakistan Proud at a Very Young Age

The brighter side of Pakistan are its young achievers whose work and names are well recognized by the world. Some of them are as follows: Hamza Shahzad: Mohammad Hamza Shahzad, who is currently residing in the United Kingdom, earned the title of the youngest Microsoft professional at a very young age of 6, beating the record of late ArfaKarim. He made the nation proud by scoring a whopping 757 marks in the Microsoft Certification exam, in which 700 marks are required to pass the exam.

Tariffs And Trade Wars: Promises, Domestic, And International Risks/Ramifications

From time, to time, American Presidents, have determined, there was a need, and/ or necessity, to take stronger steps, and impose specific tariffs, because they deemed, it, essential, and important, for the well – being of the nation! Historically, there have been mixed – results, especially, in the longer – term. Never before, in recent history, have we witnessed, the imposition of non – specific, broader tariffs, as recently introduced, by the current United States President.

Germany Migrants

In 2015, the German government opened the borders of the country for migrants. The flow of migrants from Iraq, Syria and other countries of the Middle East flooded the country. Then, two years ago, the Germans cheered the migrants with joy.

Protecting America From Foreign Interference: 5 Keys

While the past year, has been somewhat consumed, with a large degree of political issue, rhetoric, and promises, as well as accusations, most objective observers, as well as nearly every intelligence agency, has stated, there was, at the very least, a concerted effort, by a foreign nation and/ or nations, to interfere, in our elections. In addition, it’s more recently been reported, many essential components of our infrastructure, including our energy grid, etc, have also, been hacked. Unfortunately, far too much energy, has been spent on, assigning blame, and pointing figures, and not enough, on preventing foreign interference, into the…

Another Way to Expand the Territory

The European Union plans to expand its borders. This is the name of the article on the news website “Financial Times”. It is reported that the EU intends to offer membership in the organization at once to 6 countries of the Balkan Peninsula in order to cope with the migration flow and other problems.

On the Impending Deportation of Migrants: An Epistle to Pope Francis

An appeal to Pope Francis for his intervention in the matter of migrants ( especially those from Africa). As Europe and America begin mass deportation of migrants to Africa, this article appeals to the higher ideals of people of faith to show compassion and empathy towards migrants; and above all to halt the deportation.

Between Scylla & Charybdis

Politics is choosing between the lesser of the two evils. But the lesser evil should also be the better evil.

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