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Language and Culture in Spain – What a Joke

Spain is often a world apart. Once you understand Spain, you understand the world… A little incident is striking for what is happening here sometimes. This is obviously all about Culture.

Brutality of Fact – The Assault on Gaza

“Israel is the guard dog of America’s plans for Middle East.” This is how noted journalist and documentary maker John Pilger has described America-Israel relation. United States of America is the principal patron of Israel which continues to receive nearly 40 percent of all American foreign aid. Most of this aid has been granted since 1967 when Israel occupied the territories of Palestinians and other Arab nations.

Post Invasion Iraq – Deja Vu From Post War Europe

After the Allies secured victory in Europe, things didn’t go smoothly. The liberation “honeymoon” ended and the liberated Europeans asked, “What now?” As far as they were concerned, the Allies, The United States in particular, had no answer to that question. They showed no leadership. The allies even had to deal with a postwar guerrilla movement that tried to undermine German reconstruction efforts.

Rich and Varied Heritage

India is always remembered as a land of diverse cultures. The geographic position, climate and the extent of exposure to foreign cultures have totally influenced the traditions and culture of the different regions at different periods. The greatness of Indian culture has been in adopting the best from all the invaders and intermingling their customs and styles with the existing and this is visible in all aspects of culture.

Why the United States of America is Troubled? Part 2 of 2

To date (January 2009) in fact, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the nation is experiencing a prolonged recession that already exceeds the length of the past two recessions in 1990-91 and 2001. The current recession is 13 months long and counting. If this were the average post-World War II recession, it would have lasted 10 months and ended in October.

Can Colombia Win Its Own War on Terror?

Since September 11, 2001, the United States has been struggling with its war on terror. We, as a nation, have had to deal with a myriad of issues from the appropriate use of military force, how to try terrorists captured and how to continue to defend our own civil liberties. Colombia has been at war with terrorism for over forty years. Colombia may offer some insights on things that can be done better as well as pitfalls the US may want to avoid.

Becoming a Real Partner in Africa

Historically western governments, primarily the U.S., Canada and original European Union member states have dealt with African countries at arms length through the United Nations. At first glance this donor-recipient-model seems ideal especially in light of the history of colonization from a number of the now donor states.

Israel Drops the Gloves – Part II

On Tuesday, two U.N. schools in Gaza were targeted by Israeli troops within hours and, as would be expected, there is nothing but outrage being directed back at the Jewish State. That outrage, in the past, has been an effective tool used to make the Israelis back off and cease operations out of contrition under pressure. It appears that will not be the case this time around. The reason that Israel is targeting U.N. schools is because Hamas fighters are taking up positions in – and firing on the Israelis from – these schools.

For Sale by Owner – African Country, Serious Inquiries Only

Imagine you open your Sunday issue of your favorite newspaper and in the Finance and Investing section you found the following advertisement. “For sale by Owner: Democratic Republic of Somsierraswangolaongo (DRS), Serious Inquiries Only” By way of background a national public referendum of the citizens of the Democratic Republic of Somsierraswangolaongo (DRS) have agreed to offer the state for 50 year lease. The bidding process will be closed at on the last working day of this calendar year.

Saudi Arabia’s Role in Anti-American Terrorism

The latest public relations missive from Riyadh complains bitterly that alarmist Americans “have gotten out of control” with accusations that Saudi Arabia supports terrorism. But there is good reason to state the opposite: That we ignore to our peril the degree to which the Saudis spread extremist anti-Americanism. It is particularly unsettling that the Saudis stoke such sentiments here, in our own country.

The North American Union – A Utopian Concept

The North American Union will never take place. Those who claim different have no knowledge of Mexican culture and politics. It would also mean free travel of persons when we are presently building a wall on the southern border. We have NAFTA, a good agreement, and that must suffice.

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